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Having identified and prioritized all the risks relating to a given transaction, typically, HD Faculty™ chooses one of four strategies, being (a) acceptance, (b) avoidance, (c) transfer or (d) mitigation (control) the risk. 

(a) Risk Acceptance. Where the probability of occurrence and the impact of a particular risk are insignificant in comparison to the cost of controlling it, HD Faculty™ may choose to accept such a risk.

(b) Risk Avoidance. If the consequences of a particular risk could be devastating, and HD Faculty™ does not have the resources to mitigate it sufficiently, HD Faculty™ may choose to avoid such a risk.

(c) Risk Transfer. If the consequences of a risk can be severe, but the occurrence is very unlikely (for instance, in the case of. a fire on HD Faculty™'s premises), it only makes sense to transfer the risk to a third party, rather than bearing the cost of controlling such risk. 

(d) Risk Mitigation (Control). When risks relate to the core business of HD Faculty™, they are controlled internally. HD Faculty™'s risk mitigation strategies and solutions, in this regard for risk events that have a high possibility of occurrence, are dealt with in a cost-effective manner under the watchful eyes of HD Faculty™'s Risk Management Team.


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