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Investor’s Security Interest. HD Faculty™'s policy requires, from time to time, that the security interest granted, be it direct or indirect, secures the payment and satisfaction of any and all obligations, indebtedness, and liability to the respective creditor, be it present or future, direct or indirect, absolute or contingent, matured or not, extenuated or renewed, and howsoever incurred, and any ultimate unpaid balance thereof, and whether the same, from time to time, is reduced and thereafter increased or entirely extinguished and thereafter incurred again.

Governmental Risk Mitigation. To address the risks identified in Items 1 through 8 of the risk factors amongst others, HD Faculty™ looks to its proprietary risk management products, programs and operating systems, as well as its Risk Management Team for solutions, which include, but not limited to, the utilization of the Government of Canada platforms, such as Canadian Commercial Corporation (commonly referred to as “CCC”) and Export Development Canada (commonly referred to as “EDC”). These Crown corporations/agencies are mandated to address certain foreign customers’ risk factors in respect to a given contract that has executed with a Canadian exporter.



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