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This section deals with topics such as compliance issues, acting honestly, and remuneration pertaining to HD Faculty™. Its aim is to make known HD Faculty™ position in respect to these matters. HD Faculty™ strongly believes that it is its responsibility to ensure that its directors, officers, employees, and authorized representatives carry out their respective duties in a transparent arena, whilst increasing the awareness of shareholders, directors, and of each of the officers, employees, agents, and authorized representatives’ interests, including entitlement to payments and contracts, and transactions in which a director, officer, employee, agent, authorized representative, and any related person has an involvement.
Act Honestly
Information Technology Compliance Criteria. HD Faculty™, from time to time, utilizes MIAFOS™ information technology to enable the effective empowerment and enforcement of its set rules and regulations in accordance with prevailing international statutes. HD Faculty™ mandates its specialists to ensure that the information system in use is programmed to empower the management faculty in ensuring compliance to organizational rules, regulator rules and business norms. To this end they are required, from time to time, to ensure that:
Information systems are designed based on templates to show how professionals actually work;
Software provides professionals with easy to use programming features;
Applications are customizable to the way management works and to the particular demands of the projects;
Search and retrieval tools are made available to enable professionals to impress their concepts into the database and retrieve relevant documents, as the need arises in the right format and time;
Technology allows its users to capture local innovation and thus allowing developers to more easily create software;
The requisite critical mass is easily achieved;
Managing information resources and sound information management practices are followed;
Delegated responsibilities in pertaining information technology is carried out in a timely manner;
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