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Risk Management Governance
A well structured risk management program enables HD Faculty to assess risks continuously, to identify the steps it can take and the resources it needs to allocate for it to overcome or mitigate a given risk, and to provide reasonable assurance about the achievability of HD Faculty's objectives.

To address the overall risk, the Risk Management Committee begins with an evaluation of the environment in which HD Faculty operates its strategy for achieving its objectives, the cultures, and acceptable risk.

The committee members are required to ensure that a good control system is in place, which includes management's philosophy, integrity and ethical value, oversight pertaining to human resources policies and practices, commitment to competence, assignment of authorities and responsibilities and organization structure.

In addition, they are required to review with management specific risks and possible worst case scenarios at least once annually and develop regular review crisis management plans, in order to prepare HD Faculty to defend itself against the various risks through mitigation options, such as avoidance, assignment, transfer, or retention programs.



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