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The Faculty

Mandate. HD Faculty™ requires that the Directors and senior management, from time to time, provide the requisite facilities that enable and empower their members to perform their respective duties and responsibilities in accordance with their ability and competence.

In addition, the Directors' and senior management's mandate requires them to hire and retain professionals that are deemed experts in their respective vocation. These individuals are required to be adeptly skilled and characterized by their competency and acute moral nervous system. The members or prospective members must possess the power and mental faculty to understand the nature and effects of their actions concerning the business and affairs of HD Faculty™ and the client that it is serving in a given transaction.

Measure of Intelligence. The members' ability is measured by their intelligence, understanding, memory, and sound judgement that is relative to their office and in a given transaction (making or entering into) that will enable the client or otherwise to understand the nature, term, and effort of their course of action concerning the subject matter.
Adeptly Skilled. HD Faculty™ is required to be staffed by adeptly skilled teams, support staff and strategic partners that are put in place on a case-by-C/A/S/E in order to initiate and bring to fruition a given client’s project. It is structured and empowered to draw upon qualified professionals, be its own and/or its strategic partners’ resources of scientists, chemists, microbiologists, technologists, engineers, draftsmen, professional management consultants, chartered [public] accountants, certified management accountants; investment bankers, general corporate and commercial lawyers, and securities lawyers that are experienced in human and natural resources development, chemical, electronic, mechanical, electrical, computer, environmental and civil engineering, microbiology, business management, accounting, law, investment, securities, and information processing and management.
Pool of Professional Consultants. In addition to the above, where the need arises, HD Faculty™ is able to draw upon a pool of professional consultants during the course of a specific project. This group is carefully selected from among those possessing outstanding qualifications for effective program work. HD Faculty™ takes a great deal of pleasure in the calibre of its consultants and in the rigorous management procedure followed in effectively employing this resource potential.

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