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This section sets out HD Faculty™'s policies in respect to enforcement, limitations, signatories and validity of acts of directors and officers of HD Faculty™. Directors shall assure themselves that the exercise of their power is in the public interest, and results are fair and consistent with the enforcement of applicable laws, regulations and appropriate HD Faculty™ rules. The object is to ensure that the privileges of the Charter and the prevailing rules and regulations of HD Faculty™'s by-laws are adhered to at all times, especially in today's complex and global society. HD Faculty™ recognizes the seriousness of the disregard of charges, commands, statutes, and laws within our modern society; therefore, it seeks to set the pace pertaining to the enforcement of charges, commands, statutes, and laws whereby it demands nothing less than the best effort.
Validity of Acts
Governmental Fraud Enforcement. From time to time HD Faculty™ shall ensure that its products and services provide comprehensive solutions in the fight and prevention of fraud against the government, which may consist of fraud in connection with governmental contracting and fraud in connection with governmental funded entitlement programs, such as agricultural programs, corporate frauds, defence procurement fraud, educational programs, housing, and other miscellaneous infrastructure projects. The object is to reveal bribery in contracts or procurement, collusion, false or double billing, false certification of the quality of a given matter or of test results, and substitution with inferior items.
Financial Institution Fraud Prevention. Senior management shall ensure that the products offered, provide solutions in respect to financial institution fraud prevention and detection. The focus of the program, from time to time, includes, but is not limited to the prevention and detection of fraud and embezzlement or misappropriation occurring within or against an institution, namely, banks, trust companies, savings and loans corporations, credit unions, and the like, irrespective of whether or not the institution is deemed to be a federally/centralized government insured or regulated institution or not.
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