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Directors and Officers
This section has been prepared to set out HD Faculty™'s policies in respect to our directors, which include their appointment and responsibilities. It also provides a brief biography on each of the directors and officers of HD Faculty™. HD Faculty™'s business affairs are managed and controlled under the direction of its Board of Directors, supported by six (6) committees. For example, HD Faculty™'s Executive Committee has been mandated to oversee and make sure that the prevailing management carries out their duties and responsibilities in respect to the competence of its people and to organize, develop and motivate them to achieve HD Faculty™'s goals and objectives. The Executive Committee ensures that the Human Resource policies, such as hiring, training, performance appraisals, incentives and compensation, career path planning, and the like, play an important role in HD Faculty™'s day-to-day affairs. In addition, they provide performance reports, promotions and compensation that are specifically linked to our risk management, mitigation and control compliance program objectives of control.
The Board of Directors and senior management are the ones that set the environment of HD Faculty™ in which its employees operate freely, honestly, transparently, timely, and effectively with the aim of discouraging corruption through the creation of an effective and proper control environment that includes:
Communication of the mission, purpose, shared values, and objectives of HD Faculty™;
Establish clearly defined boundaries of acceptable behaviour while carrying out HD Faculty™'s business affairs;
Selection, retention and development of the finest people;
Establish accountability at all levels of HD Faculty™ in respect to the risk nervous control system, which includes clearly defined roles and responsibilities in respect to HD Faculty™'s compliance program set criterion in developing the business strategies and business risk assessment; and
Ensure that the working environment provides upward, downward, and horizontal dissemination of factual information about opportunities, risks, risk mitigation and controls throughout HD Faculty™.
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